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Kate Ellingham-Hunt, Suzuki violin and Alexander Technique Teacher
Hi, I'm Kate,  
I teach Suzuki violin and the Alexander Technique in Herne Bay & Avondale in  Auckland, NZ.
I also co-teach Suzuki ECE & pre-school violin classes in Point Chevalier.
Feel free to contact me for more information.

Photo credit: Margriet Van Vianen

Suzuki Violin & Me

I started learning the violin through the Suzuki method at the age of four and have enjoyed playing with a variety of different orchestras and chamber groups.

I have a BMus (performance violin) from the New Zealand School of Music and have completed my Suzuki Violin training up to Unit 3 and Music Mind Games Level 1.

I have been teaching private and group violin lessons for over a decade and have taught at different summer camps and workshops in NZ.

From 2013-2017 I taught private and group lessons in London, UK and am now back teaching in NZ where I am a current member of the New Zealand Suzuki Institute.

My focus is finding an enjoyable way for students and their parents to feel successful at the violin. As an Alexander Technique teacher I am also interested in helping students learn to play in a way that is free from unnecessary tension.

Learning Suzuki violin

Alexander Technique & Me

Teaching the Alexander Technique to musicians

I first came to the Alexander Technique through the violin as a teenager with RSI and again in my twenties with chronic health issues.  


Since training to be an Alexander Technique teacher (at the London Centre for Alexander Technique and Training in London, UK), my health and energy levels have improved, my anxiety has disappeared and people have commented on my calmness, poise and happiness. I am also discovering a new ease and comfort in my violin playing that I can't remember having since I was a child.

I have also completed foundation courses in the Alexander Technique in Education and the Alexander Technique for Young Musicians.

My teaching experience includes teaching young musicians at Ingenium Academy Summer School in Winchester, UK, assisting at the Royal College of Music in the Alexander Technique department and assisting in workshops for young musicians at the Royal College of Music - Primary department.

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